Chandlery Old

Chandlery Old

Westview has a well stocked Chandlery

Uniquely contained in a 80' widebeam canal boat which is well worth a visit

Good range of chandlery items in stock from fastenings, plumbing, electrical and engineering products, ropes and fenders, maintenance and cleaning items. Confectionery, hot & cold drinks and ice creams.


Spring Clean

Full range of Starbrite and Boat Buddy cleaning products in stock, along with all the accessories needed to give you boat a real sparkle this spring. GRUNT is our recommended product for a good clean with minimum elbow grease.

Full Range of Fencers

Fenders in all colours and sizes available in stock or to order, fender lines and a range of ropes also available.


Auto Life Jackets

Full range of Auto Life Jackets in stock, various sizes and colours available, along with accessories.

Adult and Child Life Jackets

Full range of brightly colored, various sized, adult and child life jackets available in stock, we also have life jackets for the family dog.



All you need for any Plumbing fixes, pumps, pipes, connectors, and more


We have bulbs, wiring of sizes and types, connectors, sockets, batteries and everything you will need for a small electrical projects on your boat. For more involved projects speak to Stuart of Great OUse Boating Services

Painting and Varnishing


Oils and Antifreeze

Lubricants and Sealants

Please call in to visit us to fully appreciate the extensive stock

Alternatively call on 01487 840089 for out customer ordering service or just to check we have what you need before calling in


Everything from plumbing, electrical and engineering products, ropes and fenders, confectionery and hot drinks, cold drinks and ice creams.

What we don't have on our shelves we can order in, with next day delivery usually available.

Contact Moira or Graham on 01487 840089 or


Anchor Marine fenders

Brass traditional fittings

Fairleads & vents
diesel cleaning pump


shelves full

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